Sunday moring day out.

Hi there, well another day out for practice some fly fishing. I’m still very basic with this fishing method, but there is no other way to improve my fly fishing skills. As I’m a early bird and early morning fishing suits me went out to river abbert to wet a line. Lovely shallow water but no a single pull there.

After few hours decided to move to river clare.received_1663453283710583

This was a right decision, had there 5-6 nice pulls, but unfortunately landed just only one trout.

20180422_112859small fella caught on humungus streamer pattern.

So this is my first catch of 2018.

Quick overviev of 2017 season

Well started with fly fishing from half June 2017, i am a weekend fisherman and it mean fishing just once a week. Mostly saturday or sunday.

First fish on the fly.

Casting practice

Another weeks



Clare river

Conemara casting practice.

First salmon after my 10 th fly fishing trip big reward. Best fight ever had good 5 mins fighting with this silver fela.

64 cm around 3-4 pounds i guess

He still swimming 🙂 c&r

Connemara upper parts amazing places

Clare river got avout 20 trout on that day.

And its over 2017 season.

Winter practice some fly tying not much but i did some flies.

Thats all will start my season on 17 february on lough Mask.

stay tuned.